The Parish Churches of Long Buckby, Watford, West Haddon & Winwick

Whether you call it christening or baptism we are here to welcome you and those being baptised as part of our church family. A baptism service is a special service where those being baptised will be prayed for, where parents and Godparents will make important promises, water is poured over the person being baptised to signify being made clean and often a sign of the cross is made, a candle is given to you in the service to help remind you to “Shine as a light in the world to the Glory of God”. It’s a special day for not only the person being baptised but all those family, friends and church members who are there to be part of it. 

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We are blessed to have wonderful church buildings in our benefice, in beautiful surroundings, where you can have a wonderful wedding as you make promises to God and each other in front of family and friends. Wedding services have declarations, vows, exchanging of rings, blessings and can include your own choice of readings, music and more, they are a joy to be part of. Church weddings are also surprisingly inexpensive and can help you have a very special wedding without breaking the bank. Contact us to find out how you can have your very special day with us.

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Firstly our sympathies for your loss. We know how hard times like this are and we as the church can be here to support you, not only with the funeral service itself but also afterwards with pastoral support and special services to help you commemorate and remember your loved ones life. We are happy to liaise with you and funeral directors to help you say goodbye to your loved one, services can be tailored to help reflect the life of the deceased so that even in the sadness of loss you can remember the love, the times you had together and look to the hope that a church funeral services gives. Do contact us or ask your funeral director to be in touch with us and let us support you in this difficult time.

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