Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity. Finding faith.

People find faith in many different ways. They may start searching after something in their lives changes their perspectives. It could be a response to emotions such as sorrow, guilt, gratitude or anger. They may be asking themselves the question “Is there more to life than this?” It might be the example of someone they know.

When people start searching, they often realise that God is trying to attract their attention and has been some time.

So if you are searching or looking for God….you can follow the steps below.

1. Notice God and respond

Revelation 3:20 "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in ..."

Some people respond quickly and others try to brush the promptings aside. Some people spend years before responding.

2. Respond to God. Some think that they are pretty good people. Others acknowledge that their lives do not live up to their own standards, never mind God’s. When we honestly view our lives in the light of God’s standards, we see that we fall short. Not always an easy thing to face up to. 

Recognise the actions and attitudes that turn you away from God and damage your relationships with others.

These are called Sins. Simply put, sin (or sins) is the bad stuff we do that separates us from God.

Acts 3:19 says: "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord."

Repent isn’t a word used much today. It means a change of direction. It means turning away from what we know to be wrong and turning to God.

Then comes the step that our rational scientific brains find hard sometimes ...

3. Think through the central claims of Christianity:

That Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and that he was raised from the dead and that his followers have the hope of eternal life.

The message of Christianity is a message of love, hope and redemption. It is the message of the person of Jesus Christ, who walked this earth 2000 years ago. To be a Christian, one must know Jesus, in his person, words and deeds. Knowing Jesus, however is more than just knowing “about” him. A Christian is a follower of Christ. This means believing in Jesus, entrusting your whole life to him.

The tricky bit to grasp is that to receive faith and the salvation that it brings you don't actually have to DO anything. It is not possible to earn it. The whole point is that there's nothing you can ever do  to deserve it. It's a free gift from God. All you have to do is receive it!


If you would like to talk with someone. 

1. You can talk with the vicar, Graham. Tel: 01327 842204  E-mail:  vicar.longbuckby@btinternet.com 

2. Alternatively. Please email: stlawrencelb@gmail.com. A member of the church will get back to you. 

Alternatively, if you wish to explore more about the Christian faith: A course called Alpha has been run all around the world. The course is a chance to ask lots of questions and explore the Christian faith. It normally runs in peoples homes or in churches. During the pandemic it is also run on-line. 
Link to Online Alpha. (Attend from home)